Happy Easter! + Week Update

Happy Easter! As someone who loves spring, God, candy and brunch I hope you had the happiest of Easters. 
I figured that since this week is about to be crazy with finishing classes, I would go ahead and post a "preview of the upcoming week." Generally I don't plan posts out in advance, but with so much going on with finals and a lot of exciting posts ahead, I figured that I would do a "week update," to make sure that I follow through with them. 

Amid all of the room cleaning that I was procrastinating on, I got sucked into the YouTube vortex and ended up on a Lindsey Lohan interview on Ellen from 2004, which led me to watching all the behind the scenes of Mean Girls. With the upcoming Mean Girls ten year anniversary, look for a Thursday Thoughts!

Kind of unrelated, but I thought this cupcake was too cute
I recently made a trip down to Barnes and Noble to get some pens and of course somehow found myself in the cooking section, and got a cookbook designed for college kids that I am going to be posting an easy meal from every week. In the meantime though (until I have a kitchen) this week I will be posting a "Caf Cheat sheet," with the help of my friend Kelly. 

In addition finally the return of fashion Friday, and actual outfit of the day posts! In addition, my best friend Maddie is going to be covering the UVA Foxfield.

Happy Sunday! To all my fellow collegiates, good luck!
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P.S. Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! You truly made my day!

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