My Best Friend

Classic Sophia...looking like a dog...just kidding!

Happy Birthday to my very best friend, Sophia! Without trying to get to sappy, I could not have asked for a better best friend throughout childhood. Even though we went from living on the same street to almost 300 miles apart, you never fail to make me laugh at so many things that no one will ever understand and you have taught me so much about life, and made me into the person that I am today. Through driving around town to get Mexican food, countless sleepovers, joint birthday parties, craft projects, school dances (hahaha) and deep late night convos with our parents, here are some of the things I have learned from my best friend of ten years.  

There are so many more important things that matter Sophia has the most wonderful sense of the world and what matters and what doesn't. Going through 13 years of school together, there was drama and things that in the long run really didn't matter in the big picture, and Sophia has always been there to remind me of that.

The best date ever for Prom and every Homecoming- couldn't have asked for anything better

Be honest I will never have to second guess what is on Sophia's mind, because she speaks the truth. Sometimes I can be so afraid of saying the wrong thing or confronting something uncomfortable. In addition to that, surround yourself with positive people and don't put up with grief from anybody. 

Be a loyal person I can honestly say that Phia would back me up in a fight if I ever needed it. And she would probably win that fight. And then being the honest person that she is would tell me that I was dumb for trying to fight a guy twice my size. 

Never stop trying for your dreams I remember very well once we were talking and she said "I'd rather chase my dreams and not succeed than live my life unhappy wondering what would have happened if I had gone for it." Words to live by. 

Be serious, but it's ok to be silly Though Sophia is very serious about certain things, I have never, repeat never laughed so hard or at anything stupider in my entire life than when I have been with her. 

Don't care what people think and do what makes you happy In high school, I was the last person from a partier and she was always ok with that. Her most used phrase is probably "you do you." 

All of the Delmar + Sheehy sibs at Graduation! (aka my second family)
It's ok to be cheap Haha I can only write this because I am her best friend, but Sophia is one of the cheapest people I know. And I love her for it. 

Family I have never met someone who was so caring for their family. I am lucky to be a part of hers. 
Happy Birthday Phia! Hope it's a great one and can't wait to see you soon! Happy Thursday!

P.S. Wanna make her day? Check out some of her new songs on her SoundCloud! 

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