I feel that though I still have some "fun birthdays" ahead, this year, my birthday truly snuck up on me. I was trying to think of something that I could write that was list themed, and I decided to make a "final teen bucket list." We will see if I can even achieve half of these things. 

1. Continue blogging daily and growing The Daily Dilem as much as I possibly can. 

2. (Finally) visit Maddie at UVA.

3. Wear sunscreen every day (gotta make sure I'm not regretting not doing this by my 50th birthday!)

4. Skydive (as an adrenaline junkie, this is my goal for the summer/ultimate life dream). Planning on it this summer!

5. Read a new book and attempt to read some of the classics that my mother always tells me to read. In addition, throw in every Disney movie that my friends have told me to see or ones that I'm embarrassed never to have seen (#TheLionKing)

6. Start and see through a DIY project. 

7. Take more time to show appreciation for things.   

8. Go on more walks outside and generally get out of the house. 

9. Nix my messy room habit (I managed to break nail biting, so anything is possible!) 

10. Continue writing more letters. 

11. Go a month without shopping (besides necessities!) 

12. Go to bed early every day for a week. (This would have to be in the summer, because it's not going to happen at school) 

13. Actually have one of those perfect Christmas days baking cookies, ice skating and building a snowman. (And fall too.)

14. Acquire a really cool bike and ride it around.

15. Save up for something that will better me in the long run. 

16. Spend a day with each of my brothers one-on-one.

17. Redecorate my grandmother's guest room for her (this has been a plan for a while). 

18. Go on an epic road trip with my friends (Knoxville, Tennessee and New York City, Connecticut, Boston, Martha's Vineyard this summer with high school/Bucknell friends-very excited!) 

19. Host a dinner party for my friends and family where I cook (and clean!) everything. 

+ (gotta have the bonus!) do something crazy over the summer no one will believe in the fall

Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday and made my day. Here's to making the most of the end of my teen years!
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