Classic High School Graduation Picture
Me and Jackson Christmas 2004- those ringlets
Happy National Sibling Day! Though growing up I was one of those kids who envied only children, I could not have asked for a better family. Being the oldest of three and only girl in the family (along with four older guy cousins who I consider my older brothers) surrounded by guys, it definitely made me the tough princess girl that I am now. A lot less drama, but a whole lot more physical scarring- though apparently I broke T.R.'s arm when I was in first grade, so there's that. People in families with three or more siblings understand how much different it is than having only one other- being able to outnumber your parents means total chaos, and I could not have asked for better comrades to do it with than my brothers T.R. (17) and Jackson (11).  

Easter 2000

Of course, I could not leave out my cats Pepper and Salem. Yes I am one of those people who counts their pets as their siblings...quite honestly, there are times that I wish they were my only brothers. 

Looking for pictures to put for this was so strange because I realized how much we have all grown up. I remember so well when Jackson was born and when I could look down and still be taller than T.R. Oh how they grow up so fast...TR and Jackson, though I may have wanted to kill you or send you off multiple times throughout our childhood, you guys really are the best and have taught me so much and I love you. See you in a month and don't get too comfy ruling the house, because I will soon be taking back my dominance as it should be. 

Now go give your brother or sister or anyone that has been like one to you a hug or something. Happy Thursday!

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