Summer Ideas: Outdoor Movie Night

Every summer my friends and I have such a tradition of planning a bunch of stuff and then never actually coming through with it, and end up FaceTiming each other from our beds watching Netflix and complaining about the weather for three months. It's basically New Years Resolutions part two. 

But not this year. This is the year that I am finally going to get it together and make something happen so that next fall I don't have to feel bad about my life choices. One of my favorite parts about the spring and summer is sitting out in my backyard on the hammock and looking up at all the twinkly lights. If you know me (or have ever been into my room) then you know my obsession with fairy lights. As an advocate against overhead lighting (the worst thing in the world was always when my dad would turn on my ceiling light in the morning) I love the homey feeling they give off and while I was searching the internet world, I came across the idea of an outdoor movie night- food twinkly lights and blankets? This will happen- or may my lazy summer mentality suffer.   

Of course Martha Stweart-esque refreshments are a must

Happy Wednesday! Hope you have a wonderful day!
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P.S. Here's a really inspiring video for your late night procrastination- I absolutely love Katy. 

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