Summer Trend: Seersucker

With the last day of classes, my mind is finally starting to get into the summer mode. And with that comes the chance to finally bust out some of the summer clothes that I look forward to wearing all year round (no joke, I ordered all of my summer shoes in February thinking I could maybe wear some of it in March...way to think optimistically but no). One of my old teachers just posted an adorable picture of her one month old son in a seersucker suit and it made me realize that I don't own any seersucker items in my closet. While on my quest, here are some of my favorite looks for one of summer's most loved looks (although I wouldn't consider myself much of a one piece girl, I love the swimsuit on the left!)

What I love about seersucker is that it can be used in small doses like or a make up bag or hair bow, or a whole outfit, like a dress or shorts. (I am absolutely in love with the scallops and monogrammed makeup bag)

By the way, although most bloggers and ads have been J.Crew is having a 30% off sale on tons of things including this seersucker bikini that I have been eying since there was snow on campus. 

Happy Monday! Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week and to all my Bucknellian, happy last day(s) of classes!
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