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Note: I know this is super early, but I started drafting it and couldn't resist. Therefore, there will probably be more Derby related themes in the future!

I remember in my very early blogging days when I was trying to blog three years ago, and I posted a whole thing about the Kentucky Derby. I grew up around the horse racing culture my whole life and my family hosts a Derby party every year. Though I am sad to be missing it, I had a lot of fun putting together this post. Whether you are going to the race, a Derby party or simply like looking at pretty pictures, hope you get some inspiration. 

Whenever I think of the Kentucky Derby or any spring/summer event in general, seersucker always comes to mind. This derby dress would be perfect for any spring or summer party. The horse shoes in the back are perfect and the bow is a cherry on top. Of course, the Derby is also the time of year for pulling out the Lilly. 

Always try to incorporate horseshoes into anything you can! I really want to make this this summer for my family 

For each of the triple crown races there is an "official drink"and for the Kentucky Derby, it's the Mint Julep, a drink that people either love or hate. If you're not a big fan (or not old enough to drink), this BuzzFeed article has tons of Mint Julep ideas, including cupcakes, sorbets and pies. 

The absolute best part of our Derby party is the "Derby Pie" that I make for the party every year. It only requires about six ingredients, and is basically every sugary thing you shouldn't eat in a pie crust, but it's so good. Here's a link to the recipe. 

Of course when people think of the Kentucky Derby, they think of girls in big hats. Though I can appreciate them, it's not really my cup of tea. However, I love Miss Waldorf's take on the look. Of course since roses are the official flower, you gotta incorporate them in any way possible! 

Happy Sunday! 

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