The "To Do List" Life

With the end of the school year, comes bittersweet emotions. As much as I am sad about having to say goodbye to all of my friends, (though I will not be leaving campus for a while because of our crew schedule) I am excited about having more free time on my hands and the idea a"no To Do list" life.  Ahh the To Do list. One of my best friends and biggest enemies. While there is no greater satisfaction about being able to cross items off the list (even the one that you added only for the instant gratification of being able to check it off), every day seems to be a race to get as much done as possible, which takes its toll after a while. As I was sitting in the library on our reading day, I ended up talking to Katy about what we would do if we had no schedule for a day. Here's mine, which I also realized kind of looked like a To Do list itself...scheduling will probably forever be engrained in my being. 

Get enough sleep + go on a run As long as I get enough sleep the night before, I actually like waking up early and starting the day running, especially before it gets too hot out. 

Make the biggest, best breakfast ever + walk/drive my brothers to school I have had this debate with too many people, but breakfast is the best meal of the day by far. My little brother Jackson is in elementary school and still gets so excited when I walk him to school. It's crazy, because I remember so well when my dad picked me up from 2nd grade and told me that I was a big sister. Time sure does fly. TR doesn't have his license yet, so any excuse to relieve him from the dreaded bus. Senior year we used to drive together and listen to our radio show in my car, which is soon going to be his (this is terrifying). 

Watch the Today Show Being a student while I was at home, I have rarely ever been able to watch the show (though I was able to tour the building where they film the show in middle school and would love to intern there someday). Ahh the joys of what it must be like to be a housewife for a day. 

Go down to Georgetown (on my bike!) While rowing in high school, I spent lots of time in Georgetown by the water and I really miss it. There is nothing better than spending a spring day getting Pinkberry and walking around M Street and the Georgetown campus on The Hilltop. 

Nap with my cats....I promise I'm not an 80 year old woman.

Cook the best dinner for my family + go on a walk  Turns out, parents work hard, so getting to take care of dinner is not only fun for met, but a nice thing for them. When we go to our family's house in Lake Tahoe during Christmastime, we make it a tradition on going for nightly walks around the snow covered roads and talking about life (and trying to hide around the snow banks pretending to be a wild animal- only my family I swear).  

See a movie with my best friends I cannot remember the last time I saw a movie on the big screen (and am dying to see The Other Woman and The Fault in Our Stars) and getting the biggest bucket of popcorn that inevitably disappear before the movie actually starts. Not too shabby of a day. 

Have a great Wednesday and Happy Reading Day!
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P.S. As I was looking for photos, I came across this to do list. I really like the idea of setting one goal to accomplish each day and am going to try it out. 

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