Things That (Almost) Never Happen In College

Looking at my calendar and planning out the rest of the year, I cannot believe that the end of freshman year is creeping up. I was actually writing down all my assignments, which by the way is good because I only have two finals, but bad because I have 2 projects, a paper and a presentation on one day...Anyways, as I was binge watching more Greek, I was thinking about a scene where one of the girls was using the whiteboard that you see in every dorm catalogue and thought that never actually happens in school. So naturally, the more I thought about it, the more there was to add to the list. I understand I am only a freshman, but hopefully whether you are senior in high school, senior in college, or senior in a retirement home, you can find some truth/ humor in this. 

1) Freshers week is going to be the time of your life Orientation really varies at whatever school you are at. Our orientation is really cool because it is right before classes with our whole grade, but the whole first few months in general are always really hyped up- "it's the best four years of your life!" when in reality, it may be all a blur. One of the best things about being in college and meeting new people is that there are an infinite amount of thing to talk about since you don't know every  detail of each other's life like your friends from home do. 

2) Partying with your freshman guy friends Again it depends on where you are going to school, but if it has a "ratio" rule, your freshman guy friends will not party- for a while. 

3) Constant all nighters Unless you have a major test coming up or it's finals or you procrastinated hard core (I write this as I am fresh off one of those tragic nights) but the sleep deprivation is nothing like it was in high school. The difference is that you can prioritize sleeping in college, which is especially essential for athletes. 

4) Cutesy parties Maybe it's because I've been watching too many episodes of Greek, but during the last few episodes, I have found myself thinking what? Basically, do not watch the show for any realistic ideas of how parties are gonna go because I have never been to a party in a backyard with twinkly lights. 

Your freshman dorm will never live up to the PB Teen Dorm vision
5) Surprise visits from parents If you are a senior going into college, this may or may not be good thing, but it turns out parents would rather not drive 10 hours in a day to visit you...unless you're Maddie who's parents gave her 20 minutes warning before barging into her room on a Sunday morning- smh Mama Humm. 

6) Leaving campus It depends on where your school is located, but you will very rarely go home, and that is a good thing. 

7) Cooking in the dorm One of my most memorable moments with my roommate was when I walked in from  class and she was baking a cake on the floor of our room. With limited groceries and real ovens, it is very hard to do, so appreciate it while you can. 

8) A relationship Self explanatory. 

9) Using that little white board on your door Guaranteed you will never actually use it after a week. 

Gotta give some Trinity love to one of the most beautiful campuses

10) Perfect outfit days everyday Though personally I would say that my style had definitely gotten better since coming to school, I by no means dress up for class everyday. Sometimes it's just too cold to put on anything besides an oversized shirt and leggings. And that's ok. 
11) You will break away from your parents Remember that though you may live hundreds (or thousands) of miles away from them, you are still on the financial umbilical cord and will likely be calling them for help or advice- I have often found myself actually enjoying the "share this if you love your kids" photos on my mom's Facebook wall. 

12) You will change This one is a bit tricky, because you will change from the beginning of the year to the end, however you will still find yourself making the same mistakes you did in high school, but that's ok too. 

Happy Tuesday!

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