Thursday Thoughts: Mean Girls

With a week until the tenth anniversary of its release, I feel that it is only appropriate to reflect back on the American classic that defined a generation (maybe a slight exaggeration, but just go with it). I think what really sets Mean Girls apart from every other typical teen movie about high school is that it really is a smart comedy (it was written by Tina Fey, what else could you expect?) Beyond the great scenes and one liners is a message about what girls are like to each other and the whole "high school experience." 

When my late night web surfing turned into watching a cast interview where they really went into depth on every aspect of the movie, which I thought was really interesting. I highly recommend looking at "behind the scenes features" on movies that you have seen a million times because it blows my mind how much work and guidance on a vision goes into the developing, writing, casting, filming and editing of a movie. I wish I could write something great on this, but honestly, I don't think I can match the mind of Tina. I will however leave you with a quote that stuck in my mind when Rachel McAdams mentioned a Chris Rock quote that reads "women would run the world if they stopped hating each other." 

P.S. Like all your Facebook friends, I'm sure you have taken the which Mean Girls character are you quiz on BuzzFeed. I got Janis Ian.. At first I thought why but actually home girl my spirit animal. I admire her genuine friendships and ability to laugh at the plastics, though I definitely have her same sense of (If you don't get Glen Coco, don't feel bad, because my friend got "the girl in the bathroom who looks like Danny Devito"- how they would be able to get such a backstory on her character to put her in the quiz I will never understand). 

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