Tuesday Thoughts: Kindness

This might be getting a little personal, but over the summer, I work at a camp and we have a resident priest who kind of acts as a guide for the campers and counselors. Last year, our resident was Susan, the coolest priest ever. I remember somehow we got on the topic of boys (classic..) and she asked me if I could describe in three words my perfect guy what they would be. After thinking about it for a minute, I came down to ambitious funny, and kind. It's funny, because I though I consider each of those things to be pretty equal, recently though I have really been really leaning towards kindness and how to incorporate it more into my own life. 

Our society can be a pretty cruel place. I don't know if it's the constant need to be the best, but man do we know how to rip each other apart. I am also (though I wish I wasn't) included in this place. I really hope I'm not the only one who has every thought, said or done something so horrible, we've thought to ourselves wow, I cannot believe I just did that. The funny thing is, we often don't realize the impact that we have on each other. Though when I give a compliment to someone, I think so little of it, yet when someone gives me a compliment, it makes my whole day. Whether we mean to or not, sometimes the last thing we say or do to someone can have such a lasting impact on other, the good thing is, wether it's starting up a nice conversation, giving a compliment or sending a letter, it is so easy to do. I think truly the happiest people on this earth are the kindest, because they show such joy in everything they do. 

This month, I am hoping to make an extra effort to be kind to people and take the time out to go above and beyond.  I found this online when I was searching for pictures, (as well as this- why?) and came across so many inspirational quotes so I'm gonna leave you with some words from Jesse Jackson: "never look down on someone unless you're helping them up."
Happy April Fool's Day! I can't believe this is my last month of my freshman year- how time really goes by.
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P.S. Though the month is wrong, I came across a calendar full of amazing acts of kindness ideas. Check it out!

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