Worth the Investment

Happy Tuesday! When it comes to fashion or really anything out there, there is always the question of whether something is worth it. There are certain things that are worth spending money on, and others that after learning the hard way, are not. Here's my attempt to break it down. 


Good shoes This is definitely a must for me. Shoes are something that you really get what you pay for as far as quality goes. Some of my really good quality shoes have been able to last for years. 

Bags It depends on your style, but classic bags that will last forever are completely worth investing in. Focus on a few really good bags that will last, particularly with classic looks that can really up an outfit. 

Technology This also kind of goes without saying for certain things. While the $300 headphones may be a bit much, technology that you use everyday is  definitely worth the money, and better technology lasts (I'm talking about you, first cell phone). 

Athletic gear I cannot stress this enough. Don't buy bad athletic gear. Unless you plan on being someone who NASA pays to stay in bed for months and don't need to exercise, (that is actually a thing) it is not worth running around in badly made running shorts or (even worse) bad sports bras. You deserve better. 


Shirts There are so many places to buy inexpensive shirts. My favorites are Forever 21 and especially The Gap (they have the best v-necks) and though I also love my tops from Madewell, they have them beat. 

Dresses Of course there are certain dresses that are worth investing in (i.e. graduation, prom, your wedding) but there are so many places, especially online to get inexpensive adorable dresses (some of my favorites are Forever 21 and Tobi). 

Jewelry I do have some nice things that I wear everyday, but I swear by Claire's pearl earrings. They are great if you lose earrings often and no one can tell the difference.  

Happy Tuesday!
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  1. While I think you're right about most of the splurge items, I really have to disagree with the athletic wear! Places like Target, TJMaxx, and Marshalls all have inexpensive activewear that's good quality. As long as it fits right and is comfortable, the price really shouldn't matter!

    -Kate, nomadoen.blogspot.com

  2. I've definitely found athletic wear for really cheap. I see no reason to get Lululemon stuff when I can get Zella or Champion stuff that's even better quality for a 1/4 of the price. But I totally agree with everything else - especially SHOES! Never compromise when it comes to shoes. I'm so picky about mine!

    xo Madeleine

  3. Kate and Madeleine, I definitely agree with you as I love my Target leggings. I think the key is to make sure it's well made and you're set! (though sports bras and running shoes are definitely a must, they don't have to be the most expensive, but for sure well made and comfortable :)