Daily Makeup Routine

Though I love watching tutorials on YouTube, I have never really considered myself much of a "makeup person" and to be honest, it's probably because when it comes down to it, I'm a pretty lazy person. I have this theory that everyone only has a certain amount of effort that they can put in per day and most of it goes towards taking care of my hair/getting out of bed. Nevertheless, here is my "morning routine," (not very fancy, but hey it only takes about 5 minutes).
Urban Decay Eyeliner in "Mushroom" This is the perfect color. I have kind of hazel/green eyes and I love that this color plays up a multiple spectrum of colors. This also refuses to budge when I forget to take it off before practice and I love that it's not too harsh. 

Covergirl Mascara and Revlon Eyelash Curler This along with the Maybelline The Rocket, is the best mascara I have ever found. It gives really nice length and volume without looking to overdone. Eyelash curlers are a must. 

Eyebrow Routine (+ Tweezerman) In the 10th grade, my best friend convinced me of the importance of proper eyebrow care. I like to fill them in a bit and swear by Tweezerman. Just don't get rid of half of your eyebrow which I did a few weeks ago and no one told me until a few days ago...

Burts Bees Lip Balm I don't think I'll ever be much of a lipstick person (though I was a fan of the American Girl Lemonade lipgloss- please bring that back because those made my middle school years and wow if you have any, they are going for a lot online) this is the best chapstick that I have ever found by far- I am one of those people who always has lip balm nearby.

Simple Makeup Remover Wipes After multiple disasters with old makeup remover which was messy and would spill everywhere, these are inexpensive and effective (and I often have to use them in the morning if I fell asleep with makeup on the night before..) My only complaint is that the wipes could be cut in half, but other than that, I'm a fan.  

DKNY Be Delicious If I'm feelin' fancy (or remember) than I like to put on one of my all time favorite perfumes. 

Clean and Clear Morning Burst Thanks Mom and Dad, because I have always had pretty good skin and rarely wear concealer and foundation. This is the best face wash though, with little bursting beads that wake up your face in the morning. I also put on a moisturizer with SPF as part of my new resolution to wear sunscreen everyday. 

Happy Thursday! Have a great rest of the week and Happy May Day!
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