Fashion Friday: Floral Dresses


Name: Madeleine Humm 
Class: UVA '17
Hometown: Arlington, VA
Activities: Traveling, Volunteering & Taekwondo (she has her black belt!) 

Being home, one of my favorite things is getting to finally see my friends for more than a few days. Something that I have always admired about Maddie is that she has such a different style from me in the best way (it's such a joke that I love fashion so much but look like a bum 80% of my life). While I like to stick to basics, Maddie always finds a way to incorporate cool patterns and prints into her wardrobe. Here are some of my favorite print dresses that she picked up for her trip to Europe (yeah, yeah have fun). Definitely check out Forever 21 if you are looking for pretty spring and summer florals.   

It was also such a nice excuse to get out to Prospect, one of my favorite streets in Georgetown. After spending so much time in that neighborhood after crew practices, I really missed all the cute little townhouses and the trees and flowers that line the streets and shops. 

Thanks so much Maddie! Hope you have a great start to Memorial Day Weekend!

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