Grad Gifts for Upcoming Collegiettes

Now that college graduations are underway, high school graduation season is coming up soon. The best grad gifts are definitely things are things that will last forever and that grads would not necessarily buy for themselves. Being a (semi) recent high school grad, here are some of the my picks for the most useful (and favorites among my friends) grad presents for upcoming freshman. 

Eva NYC travel blow dryer / Olivia Burton charm watch / Monogram initial necklace / Tory Burch credit card holder wallet / Kate Spade genuine leather wallet / Longchamp genuine leather tote / Patagonia clothing / Eberjey robe / Boots, $120 / DK knit blanket / TEXAS SAYINGS PRINT- Funny Art Texas Slang Phrases. Unique Unusual...

A Robe + Blanket The other day my team and I were talking about how much we loved the robes in the hotel room we were staying in, but we would not necessarily get for outselves. In addition, one of my teammates was telling me how she got a school blanket for graduation and absolutely loved it. 

Longchamp + Cross Body Bag It kind of depends on the graduate, but a nice tote bag to use for class or cross body bag to wear on a night out is something that they will have forever (and use constantly!). 

Rain Boots One of the most underdog items that I used the most at school were my rain boots. Between torrential downpours and snow storms, rain boots are perfect with a pair of leggings.  

Watch + Necklace Going with things that are sentimental and depending on the person, jewelry is always a great gift. Monogram necklaces and pearls (a lot of my UVA friends got them last year) are perfect for a preppy place while statement necklaces would be great for someone headed off to the Big Apple.  

Hairdryer Something that they will have in their dorm and forever, a good quality hairdryer may seem kind of random, but it's something that they would probably not buy for themselves, but would love to have, especially if they have never had their own. 

A Nice Jacket This kind of depends on where they are going to school (probably not useful at USC or UF) but I found myself in real need of a nice winter jacket. Patagonia is a college student favorite and they will never take it off. 

Amazon Gift Card Often gift cards are associated with being a cop out, but Amazon is something that I never used until coming to a college in the middle of nowhere. 

Sentimental Photos, Maps, Paintings When redecorating my dorm, I liked to include photos and paintings to remind me of home. 

Happy Thursday!
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