I think you learn a lot of things throughout your first year of college, and for me one of those lessons was definitely that opposites attract. The very first couple of days during orientation, I met Katy, a girl from Georgia and we instantly clicked. The funny thing is, that though we may seem pretty similar, despite our agreement that chocolate is infinitely better than vanilla, we could not be more different (seriously though, you know those this or that games? It's almost a joke about how we will almost always say the opposite thing).  

I think this picture basically captures us perfectly. Katy is never not in a dress and as much as I like to pretend I'm not, I'm almost am always in athletic shorts and t-shirts. 

Though we do get into disagreements occasionally, I think the two things I have learned from Katy is that there are so many different people in the world, and you can always learn so much (even if we are learning from each other's mistakes) and what it means to always be there to support someone through the best and umm...worst/weirdest of times (and have them support you!). I could honestly put together the most obnoxious Instagram collage of all the great times we have had this year, but I'll hold off until your birthday. Thanks for being the greatest rock I could ask for and letting me drive you crazy- here's to three more great years. 

(Sorry for the cheesy end pic, but I had to do it) Happy Saturday! And watch out next year Roberts!
*photo credit to Levi (now please unblock me) 

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