Polka Dots

When I saw this dress on Instagram, I had to have it, and though it was sold at Primark in the UK (British Forever 21), I was able to get my hands on it online and had no shame in wearing it to my 8 am final this morning (officially done with freshman year!). It turns out, there is actually something to be said for the whole "dress for success" thing. At the same time after basically pulling an all nighter, I was not in the mood to pose for a lot of pictures, so my bad for all the mannequin pictures... It was so nice to get outside though after being cooped up in Betrand for days, you remember how absolutely beautiful spring is at Bucknell. 

Dress: Primark UK
Nails: Revlon (thanks Katy!)
Necklace: SheStyle
Bag: Ralph Lauren

Happy Monday! Hope you are having a great start to the weekend + summer!                                                                          *all photos by Joanna Harrold     

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