Style Profile: TR

As much as it kills me to say it, the best dressed person in my family is hands down my younger brother T.R. (And I am reminded of this constantly- to be honest, he's a lot cooler than I'll probably ever be) After a week of planning, I finally got him to share some of his favorite looks. 

T.R. (Thomas Rosse) Sheehy
Washington-Lee '16
Activities: Washington-Lee Football, Wresting and Baseball & Newspaper
Hobbies: All I Got was "I Play Sports Do Schoolwork and Dress Well".....Typical

How Would You Describe Your Style? 
Prep and classic- something simple and presentable. 

What Are Some Things that You See in the Future?
Hopefully playing baseball at an academic school (possibly in the Patriot League!)

Favorite Places to Shop?
Vineyard Vines, Polo Ralph Lauren, J.Crew

Number One Thing in Your Wardrobe
Gingham shirts by far. I own probably one for every day of the week. 
Shirt: Lacoste
Chino Shorts: Tommy Hilfiger
Shoes: Sperry's 

Thanks T.R. and Happy Sunday! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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