In the very exciting world that I have been living in where the highlight of my day is getting through a Netflix season, I came across the Summer 2014 Lilly Pulitzer catalogue. Though the love the few things I have from Lilly- my graduation dress and agenda, I have never really considered myself a "Lilly person."

However, I was really impressed with the watercolor theme of the catalogue and brand marketing of the company as a whole. They have done an amazing job with bringing bloggers and other companies in to promote their collections. I especially love all of the summer watercolors (and wish I could paint them myself). Though I love the classic prints, I also really like the neutral color palettes that are great for less preppy events, like the romper below. A trip to the Lilly store is always a colorful shopping experience, so I hope to get back there soon. 

In addition, Lilly just announced that you can pre-order the 2014-2015 agendas for next fall. I have written about them before and they are absolutely amazing. They just released all of the new designs, so definitely check them out

Happy Wednesday! Hope you have a great rest of the week and colorful start to the summer! 

{All photos from the Lilly Pulitzer Facebook Page) 

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