What's In My Summer Bag

With summer approaching, I like to make the transition from my school bag to a beach bag that I can use for the beach, pool and hanging around. 

I was able to use some gift cards that I had won/received throughout the years and I love it. It's the perfect summer tote and with the adorable gingham and pockets, it's perfect for showing school spirit and filling with lots of stuff. Here's what's I like to include. 

Magazines + A Good Book The junkier, the better for magazines and a good summer read is always a must. Of course, some of my favorites are the ones being adapted into movies this year that I am trying to see before going to the theater. 

Sunscreen I had written earlier how one of my goals was to wear sunscreen everyday and can't live with having a sunburn. 
Water Bottle + Snacks After being a camp counselor for a year, I have learned the value of carrying snacks and water (dehydration headaches are the worst). 

My Agenda + Pens and Pencils Call me a nerd, but I always have my agenda even in the summer with me as a way to write down to do lists to get everything done. 

Bikini+ Flip Flops It's always a joke how little I actually get to the pool, and by carrying them with me, I have less of an excuse. 

Ray Ban Sunglasses If you are on the edge about getting Ray Bans, I highly recommend them. When I first got them 3 years ago, my mom thought it was a waste of money and now my whole family has them. It sounds weird, but having nice sunglasses forces you to take care of them and they are a timeless preppy classic.

Wallet + Phone Of course, gotta have the essentials. 

Mints + Chapstick Lip balm (with SPF!) is a complete essential for the summer.  

Makeup Bag I always make sure to have makeup in bags to ensure they don't explode everywhere. Simple Makeup Remover Wipes are perfect to prevent raccoon eyes (like hair ties, when you need them). 

Happy Tuesday! Have a wonderful start to summer and start to the summer!

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