Fourth of July Series: "Inspiration Board"

As staff week is coming to a close, I am sad to say goodbye to lots of fellow counselors, but am so excited to meet all of the first session campers coming on Saturday!

The Fourth of July is a huge deal at Shrine Mont (camp). Every year there are a ton of traditions continued as visitors and camp alumni come back to the mountain. In addition, the Fourth is such a great time of year. In order to prepare for this holiday, I have been working on a bunch of posts from food to outfits and nail ideas. This is the first of the series with some of my favorite food outfit and decor ideas (I love the red and white stripe skirt with the anchor top). Stay tuned for more in the upcoming weeks!

Happy Wednesday! Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week! (And if someone could find me some extra strength bug spray or after bite? That would be great- actually if someone could just eliminate all mosquitos in the world, that would be great thanks. 

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