Summer Bucket List Update

Lots of soccer today. Gotta love sports camp. 

Happy ! At the end of finals I posted some of my goal for my summer bucket list. Here is my progress so far...
Skydive Coming soon!

Get out to New York City Such a fun trip and headed back up in July!

Plan a trip to Martha's Vineyard with my W-L and Bucknell friends + Skinny Dip in the Ocean +Help my Grandma Redecorate All happening on the same trip

Go on a Real Vacation.....umm 

Go on a Roadtrip to Tennessee Hopefully? 

Attend a music festival We will see about this one...

Invest in a Nice Camera In love. 

In addition, bonuses!

Get wisdom teeth out (in July) and start Invisalign (in August) 

Work with a brand that I love (Krass and Co!) 

Meet with another blogger 

Visit a school friend 

Do something completely spontaneous 

Get back to eating healthy 

Happy Monday! Hope you are having a wonderful day!

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