Tips for (a Productive) Summer

I have to admit- I have a big love/hate relationship with summer. While most people my age live for the dog days and laying out by the pool, though I appreciate it for a little while it gets to a point where all I am doing is binge watching Netflix ignoring all people and responsibilities (just being honest). Now that I pretty much have a set schedule, there seems to not be a moment to myself, but here are some of my top tips for having the most productive and rewarding summer. 

1. Start Early Which really means go to bed the night before. As much as  I love being able to sleep in, there may be something about the early bird catches the worm. 

2. Work out + Drink lots of water Having a camp counselor sense of responsibility, sometimes water really is the solution to all problems. 

3. Take Time Being away from my extended family and high school friends throughout the year can be tough, but without school (and practice) in the way, it's the perfect time to visit someone or do something special for someone you love (I will finish that scarf this year Gramma, I promise). 

4. Make a List I will never understand why there is something so satisfying about checking things off a list...(also I found making it the night before helps me out so much!)

5. Plan things to look forward to There is nothing better than a trip or event to keep the long summer days exciting. 

6. Read My parents always encourage me to get off the computer and read. Being away from technology for most of the day and being able to think clearly can do wonders for gaining clarity. 

Happy Thursday! Hope you have a wonderful (and productive!) end of the week!
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