Weekend Update #2: Session I

I think I have taken more pictures in the past week than the first 19 years of my life combined, but here is the second week update of what has been going on on the mountain. 

We started last Saturday with our first session. Working with kids ages 9-12 certainly has its share of challenges, but being a second year counselor and finally starting to get the hang of things, this session was incredibly rewarding. This session I didn't have a cabin, but had a blast getting to live with the girls of cabin 3!

Unfortunately I couldn't upload all of the pictures (still have about 1100 photos to go through in the next week) but here are some of the highlights of the week included "Kangaroo Court", which involved the campers accusing the counselors of different acts and requiring messy punishments involving BBQ sauce and whipped cream. 

Had to get that taco day photo...sorry.

 What a week! Happy Saturday and hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

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