Weekend Wrap Up: Camp Week #1

Since most of my days are consumed by dining hall food,  young children and all the sweat that is camp rather than home decor and cooking (besides the campfire), I figured it would make sense to do a weekend update on camp every week (also because I feel bad that I haven't talked to any family or friends in a week...). I will be here for six weeks total, there should be a lot of fun things to write about. 

I actually can't believe that I have only been here for a week. We started with "staff week" where all the camp staff are trained in working in any situation that would come up being a counselor. Overall it's a really great time to bond and share camp stores and see old friends. 
The amazing Shrine Mont Camps staff of 2014! 
Yesterday we got our first session campers! It's crazy to think that ten years ago, I was a first year camper myself always dreaming of being a counselor here. I also love the responsibility that is trusted to counselors and actually feeling like an adult at 19. Though it's only been a day, the campers are awesome- eight and nine year olds say some of the most hilarious things. 

In addition, there is something so nice about being able to get out of touch with (mostly no) technology during the day and not missing it. I seriously challenge you to try it for a weekend and you will not regret it. 

Being out in the woods on a beautiful mountain, an amazing staff and awesome campers- overall a great first week. Here's to many more!

Hope you have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

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