Back to School Wishlist

I am definitely one of those people who gets overly excited about going back to school. With all of the ads and sales going up (no joke, I saw one during Memorial Day weekend...really?) I have been thinking a lot about going back to school (so excited! but honestly, get me back to Lewisburg) and making a list of "necessities" for going back. Here are some of my "wish list" items. 

1) Monogram Necklace Yes, everyone and their mother has one, but I feel that I need to finally jump on the bandwagon this year. 

2) J.Crew Plaid Shirt I saw this shirt last year and regretted not getting it. I think this would be a perfect versatile staple for fall. 

3) Mermaid Don't Do Homework Shirt Totally random, but really cute...

4) Brandy Melville Low Back Dress Kind of out of my comfort zone as far as my usual style goes, but I think this would be perfect for warmer weather Super Saturdays. 

5) Steve Madden Lace Combat Boots I have contemplated getting these for years, and they would be perfect with skirts and dresses. 

6) New Agenda A complete necessity, preferably colorful. 

7) J.Crew Gingham Shirt I love this post about transitioning from summer to fall.

8) New Raincoat Living at (lot of rainy) regattas, my current raincoat is a bit ragged. 

9) KJP Pearl Bracelet I think I have already expressed my obsession, but I am in love with this classic bracelet. 

10) J.Crew Plaid Skirt Another item that I didn't get last year that I really need- it's perfect for a lot of outfit combinations in the fall.  

P.S. Here is an entertaining video to get you into the back to school  spirit (more for college students, but funny anyway). 

Anything on your back to school list? 
Happy Saturday!
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