Daily Morning Routine

I am currently in the process of making a goals list and one of them was to learn how to properly do makeup because my "morning routine" is pretty much nothing beyond brushing my teeth. Nonetheless, here are some of my "desert island" products that I use on a regular basis- let me know what yours would be!


Face My dad (oddly enough) and I swear Clean & Clear Morning Burst. This thing is the greatest. 

Makeup I honestly only use 3 products on a regular basis. My Urban Decay eyeliner has become a staple only because it never comes off. Maybelliene's The Rocket is the best waterproof mascara and can survive sweat, heat and the pool. On a Target trip, I discovered Simple makeup remover wipes and was hooked. They not only get all makeup off at the end of the day (or morning in my case if I forgot...), but prevent spills that inevitably come with having a bottle of makeup remover (which has never happened to me).

Hair When I was younger, I had this amazing hairbrush (and pricy, sorry for losing it...) but then in middle school discovered a flat iron and was forever changed. A lot of people ask me why I even use a flat iron with straight hair, and honestly if it didn't take 2 minutes, I wouldn't, but it keeps it manageable and I never have to brush it. 

Happy Thursday! Hope you have a wonderful start to the weekend!

P.S. Look out for a real Fashion Friday tomorrow- it should be a good one!

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