Falling for Autumn

You gotta love those perfect summer days that start late, consist of lots of sunshine and end with a thunderstorm. Lately I have been having a lot of those "summer is great moments,"- until fall releases started coming out. I guess you could consider this the first in my "summer back to school series," (July 22nd seems too early, but whatever). If you are an incoming freshman, and are going to a school similar to Bucknell (small, preppy) then here are two necessities worth stocking up on before they're gone (literally).   

1. Puffer vest In 6th grade, my parents bought me a vest affectionately named the "chicken vest." It actually looked like a chicken when I turned it inside out. When I got to school though, I was in need of a puffer vest (a fall and winter staple) and by the time I got around to it, there were none left except people selling them on Ebay for twice the price...The JCrew factory ones are on sale now for around $70!

2. Bean Boots Weather or not you think these things are weird looking or ugly, get them- honestly preferably sooner rather than later. Everyone at school has them, and for good reason- they are must haves in the fall and in the snow throughout winter (my best friend Sophia and I will always debate on whether guys look good in them, I say definitely). When I went to get some in November at the LL Bean store, they were on back order till February and then instantly sold out till June. I highly recommend picking some of these up (free shipping!). 

Happy Tuesday! Hope you are having a wonderful day!

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