Items Worth the Money: Garment Rack

A bit of a confession, I have an addiction to owning more clothes than I really need. There is also the problem of stuffing things into the back of my closet when they don't fit on the rod, never to be seen again. Earlier in the summer, my mother and I stumbled upon a garment rack, and she flat out told me "no, you do not need this." Me, being the cheap person I am, decided that I wasn't going to buy it myself and that maybe I didn't need it. Therefore, you can imagine my surprise when my mother told me on the drive home from camp that it was on sale. Though she said it was hers and there was no way I was taking it to school, she has been nice enough to let me use it for the summer (thank you mother!). 

It's funny, when you treat your clothes well, you have less of a need to go shopping. Since my closet at school was tiny and my room at home has become a storage unit, the garment rack is perfect for being able to organize a wardrobe and is definitely worth it if you have the space. 

Container Commercial Garment Rack (on sale!) 

Happy Saturday! (Long lost Thursday Thoughts will be up soon!) 

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  1. I've wanted a rack for so long! I should really get around to using it - it's the perfect way to display your clothes nicely and remember what items to wear!

    Constance || Prep Northwest