Back in March, I decided to write every single day. Though there have been some times that I have had to use the Blogger "scheduled" features to ensure that I did do posts every single day, I have managed to not skip. There is something about seeing a blank for a day that gets me riled up enough to keep the chain going. I had a great Thursday Thoughts for this week, but didn't have any time to finish it. Doing school, rowing, camp and everything else, it can be tough to get internet access/the time/the energy to get things done. In addition, there is a level of wanting to put your best out there, and not just settle. Therefore, rather than posting a botched post, I'm settling for this...So sorry about this lame post, but expect an awesome Thursday Thoughts next week and some cool upcoming posts in the next week! Couldn't break the chain :)   

Happy Thursday! (or whatever day it is...)  

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