Richmond Review: The Black Sheep

Last weekend, I went with my best friend Sophia 
to visit Richmond and see VCU where she goes to school (which if you can visit, has one of the nicest gyms that I have ever seen). As we were walking around and looking for somewhere to eat, she recommended a place called The Black Sheep, a cute little restaurant in town known for its huge sandwiches (turns out, the restaurant was on Man vs. Food- shoutout to all my fellow Travel Channel watchers out there). 

First off, whenever I go to a restaurant, I am ready to eat. When Sophia told me that the sandwiches were huge, I was a bit skeptical, however after seeing the sandwiches, I was glad I split it and we still only ate about half of it. Highly recommend the USS Brooklyn if you're in for something spicy. Here's a link to the menu onlineIf you are (hungry and) in the Richmond area, definitely check out The Black Sheep!

Happy Thursday! Have a great end of the week!

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