Show I Loved: The Book of Mormon

The day we were packing up camp, my friend Corey was playing music from The Book of Mormon. I didn't really know what the show was exactly about, but the songs I heard were great and after seeing Chicago a few years ago, I decided to try to see it. 

Sometimes things actually work out and this was one of those times. After meeting with Bucknell alum and blogger Mackenzie Horan in West Village, I managed to get on the Subway (which is crazy compared to DC - I could write a whole thing about it) and headed over to the West End to get in line for standing room tickets. I felt the same feelings during housing selection, hoping that there would be tickets (or my room) left. Let me say, if you are ever looking into seeing a show and don't mind not having a seat, standing room is the way to go. $250 per ticket that you have to get in advance vs. $27 the day of? (In addition, I was right near the bathroom and didn't have to wait in a crazy line- hahaha). Anyway, by some miracle of waiting for only half an hour (while some waited for 4 hours) I was able to get a ticket.

A #1 show on Broadway, with reviews stating "best musical of the century" and statements that "it was so funny their guts were bursting and had to go to the hospital etc." set the bar pretty high. In one word, the show was amazing. The music was so catchy that I was humming it to myself happily walking home in the rain and have been listening to the songs nonstop since (even as I am writing this on the train). Benji from Pitch Perfect was hilarious and a scene stealer as Elder Cunningham and Ryan Bondy was adorable as Elder Price. There were so many times I found myself in a lot of "I-don't-know-if-I-should- laugh-out-loud" moments where I laughed anyway and times where I didn't see jokes coming. Probably not a good idea to take kids or grandparents (or honestly, maybe even my own parents). I remember one of my friends telling me not to listen to music from musicals and I would recommend it- but see it for sure. 

Have you seen any great shows? Book of Mormon? I'd love to know!

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