Sophomore Thoughts + 10 Things I Am Looking Forward To

First, I would like to apologize for the posting schedule of basically three every three days, but things have been a bit crazy- it did not hit me that I was leaving to go back to camp tomorrow and I am in the process of shoving thing into bins packing (look for more weekend updates!). In addition- if you already couldn't tell, I am starting to get  into the back to school vibe where you tell yourself that you need that $40 agenda because it's going to make you such a better, more organized person who is going to work out five times a day, diet and have a consistent, presentable, wardrobe...Ok, I know I'm not the only one who thinks this way, but I am really excited to go back to school. I remember last August it didn't occur to me until three days before I left that I was actually leaving and the first two months of school were such a blur. Though I know sophomore year may not be all roses all the time, here are some of the things I am looking forward to about not being a freshmen anymore

Here's to seeing Bucknell through a new uh, lens. 
1) Harris Hall This will probably not make sense to anyone who doesn't go to Bucknell and not to be rude, but I am looking forward to living in Roberts  because man Harris, you were the worst. Sorry. 

2) Internet On that note, hopefully going to have internet in my room so I won't have to work outside in the hall...

3) Katy! Living next door and double the closet. 

4) Greek Life Though I have registered to rush and plan on it, even if I didn't end up joining a sorority, I know lots of my friends will and with that, so many more things to do and people to meet on campus!

Katy, Mango and I during orientation. In some ways it feels
like yesterday, in other ways a lifetime ago.
5) Driving Unfortunately, I am not bringing my Jeep to college, but having friends who can now have a car on campus will (hopefully) make going home for breaks a lot easier. 

6) Visiting Friends Last year, I really wanted to visit one of my best friends, Maddie,  at UVA and didn't get the opportunity. This year, I am getting to visit her and Sophia before I leave and hopefully once for UVA homecoming this semester!

7) Fall Semester I feel like fall is such a magical time of year, especially at school, and it will be nice to be able to enjoy Halloween, Super Sats, and Fall Fest rather than freak out about knowing where things are, who to sit with, not having friends etc...

8) The Bison I know people love the Caf, but I much prefer our upperclassmen dining hall (hopefully won't get sick of it too quickly).  

9) Wardrobe Last year, I honestly came to school with nothing that I really needed and didn't have all the necessities for the typical college girl and ended up having to make a lot of one time only purchases last year that I don't need to now. 

10) Smoother Adjustments Could go on about every stupid mistake I made from being a freshmen and new to school, but I'm just gonna end it with an amen. 

Happy Monday!
{Photo credit to Holly!}

P.S. For anyone going into school, I am bringing back my college advice series! Stay tuned!

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