The Perfect New England Weekend (aka photo overload)

Every once in a while, you have that perfect summer weekend. Honestly, I could say that I had the perfect week in general, filled with  family, friends, baseball, shopping, shows, city and beach exploration and the ideal balance of planned activities and exploring. Even as I am writing this, I can't stop thinking how perfectly everything turned out. Thank you so much to the Prestos and Pattersons for making it happen, as well as my  own family!

I think the weekend was the perfect cap to the trip. We started on Friday night with pizza and then headed to see the Red Sox take on the Kansas City Royals. My family has always been a big New England sports family, and Fenway is such a special place on game day- the whole stadium is packed and the streets are decked out in red, white and blue. 

 We could not have picked a better game to go to. The weather was cool and clear and the Sox came back to win 5-4! We also sat near a season ticket holder names Kazoo (he had a custom jersey) who played rally songs on a Kazoo between plays. Of course, I had to get the basic picture wearing the spirit jersey...I regret nothing.

It's funny, in college you meet people in the most random ways. Amy was my BuckWild leader (a pre-orientation camping program) and was one of the first people I ever met at Bucknell. She is one of the most genuinely kind people I have ever met, a complete poster child for Bucknell (I hope you don't mind me putting this picture up of us- it was the only one we took together). 

My family has always had a history with Martha's Vineyard. My grandparents used to spend summers on the island and my dad worked at the Harbor View Hotel during his Trinity days. I apparently took my first steps in Edgartown and all of my passwords are related to the Vineyard (passed down from my parents when I first had an AIM account). It had been a few years since I had been and I forgot how absolutely  beautiful it was. The classic homes, nautical preppies, food and ocean make the trip worth it completely- go if you get the chance.  

So many hydrangeas everywhere

I arrived on Saturday and after getting settled, hopped on a bike and headed out to Edgartown. I knew my neighbors were going to be on the Vineyard, but I didn't expect that I would meet up on them while we were both biking to the same place...what are the odds.

We ended up biking along the water to Edgartown from Oak Bluffs and passed probably the most ignored sign on the island by the bridge where Jaws was filmed. Aside from a Jeep, biking is the way to go for sight-seeing. 

The homes in Edgartown are stunning, to say the least. I kept on trying to get pictures of my favorite houses and yards. I feel like even with my camera the pictures don't completely do it justice. Water Street by the hotel has some of the most beautiful all-American homes. After the weekend I came to the conclusion that I need a Jeep Wrangler in my life. 

Wish listed: I need this Jeep.

On Sunday, Amy and I headed to brunch at Linda Jeans. Despite being about 11 in the morning, the place was packed. If you go, (I recommend the blueberry pancakes and chocolate milk!) pick up a buzzer and shop while you wait. I then shopped around Oak Bluffs and went on a ride to Vineyard Haven, ending the day with Tuna and a lobster roll from Nancy's (and ice cream- it was National Ice Cream day). 

On Monday, I woke up, headed down into Oak Bluffs for a bagel, egg and cheese and walked over to get on the ferry home. Even despite the cloudy skies, it was the perfect New England weekend. Thanks so much again to the Pattersons and Amy for letting me stay with them! I hope to return to the island again soon. 

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