101 in 1001

I have been looking forward to finally posting this after over a month. One of my favorite bloggers Mackenzie encouraged me to write a 101 in 1001 list. Basically it's a list of 101 goals to accomplish in 1001 days (about 2.75 years) and almost a cool way of documenting milestones. I loved the idea and saved it to post on August 24th because today I move into my sophomore year dorm (the reason it's technically up on Monday) and in 1001 days from today I will be (hopefully graduating from Bucknell. Though I am in no rush to graduate from college (I keep telling my parents it's nothing like the rush to graduate high school), I think it's the perfect time and will be fun to look back on come graduation. I can't wait to see whats in store for the next 3 years! (I also hope I didn't put any twice- this was written over several weeks). 

Start Date: August 24, 2014 
End Date: May 21, 2017 

1. See 5 new states 
2. Travel to 5 new countries
3. Visit somewhere tropical
4. Spend a week unplugged
5. Go a month without shopping
6. Live in a major city
7. Get Invisalign (finally!) 
8. Get my wisdom teeth removed
9. Go to bed before 10 every night for a week
10. Wake up by 5 every morning for a week
11. Face a fear head-on
12. Vote in an election
13. Plan a fun 21st birthday
14. Finish the Friends series
15. Continue blogging every day
16. Redesign business cards 
17. Make a true "blogging friend" 
18. Improve outfits of the day
19. Get a piece of writing published
20. Learn how to properly use my camera
21. Meet a YouTuber in real life
22. Attend a book signing
23. Organize my email
24. Unsubscribe from Facebook "likes"
25. Read the 7th Harry Potter 
26. Take a class at school to help improve the blog
27. Complete a half marathon
28. Learn calligraphy
29. Graduate? (hahaha)
30. Have a job for after college
31. Do the Polar Bear plunge
31. Study abroad
32. Find another activity on campus to be involved in 
33. Make a photo collage for my dorm 
34. Find out my blood type
35. Write an article for the Bucknellian
36. Be a "big sister" for an underclassmen 
37. See a guest speaker at school 
38. Visit at least one other college for a weekend
39. Intern for the summer
40. Get an off campus house senior year
41. Visit Maddie and Sophia at school 
42. Take 1st in a major regatta
43. PR on my 2K
44. Find a "go to older sister" at school
45. Have a "go to" professor 
46. Get my parents and brothers a great gift
47. Meet a member of my family that I haven't met 
48. Learn about my family clans 
49. Keep a journal
50. Help my brother with a Jeep Wrangler
51. Have professional family photos taken 
52. Attend a wedding
53. Fly with my uncle in his plane 
54. Help my mom with a garden project
55. Help send out the Christmas cards
56. Read 3 "mother approved" classic books
57. Do something involving freshmen at school
58. Be a tour guide
59. Skydive
60. Be front row at a concert/performance
61.Travel to a new continent
62. Not go over data plan for a month
63. Take a cooking class
64. Take a trapeze class in DC
65. Have a water gun fight 
66. Go a month with no desserts
67. Find one coffee drink I like 
68. Inspire someone else to make a list 
69. Bungee jump 
70. Leave a 100% tip
71. Spend the day blind and/or unable to talk
72. Attend a wedding
73. Try an Acai bowl
74. Go to a midnight movie premiere
75. Go on a backpacking trip
76. Go "fully raw" for a day
77. Brush up on my stick shift skills
78. Skinny dip 
79. Go to a farm in the fall
80. Buy the person behind me a coffee
81. Learn how to cook my least favorite foods well
82. Buy a homeless person lunch
83. Attend a music festival 
84. Take a spontaneous trip 
85. Have a yard sale
86. Make a T shirt quilt
87. Learn a back handspring and/or splits
88. Face my fears and have a scary movie marathon
89. Have a signature drink
90. Get a polaroid camera
91. Save $5 for each goal accomplished
92. Journal for at least a month every day
93. Read at least a dozen books for fun (pathetic for an English major, but it's a start)
94. Volunteer for something I'm really passionate about
95. Spend a weekend cleaning + organizing the house 
96. Move into an apartment
97. Go to a "real" college football game
98. Visit T.R. at college
99. Cook (or try) a unique food 
100. Get someone an amazing present
101. Make a new list!

Happy Sunday- here's to (hopefully) an exciting 2+ years!


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