An Easy Life Hack to Journaling

Yesterday I posted that one of my goals is to journal. It's funny though, because a lot of the reason that I started daily blogging was because I wanted a way to keep track of my life without journaling. However recently going through my computer, I found how many photos of I found so many photos of little things that I had forgotten about (I think there's a lot to say about the tip of putting things that happen in a jar throughout the year and reading them on New Year's Eve). 

At camp, we have something called feeling check where we do our "rose, bud and thorn" of the day. Your rose is the best part of the day, thorn is the worst part of your day, and bud is something you're looking forward to. I got a daily planner journal and have started doing this, and it takes such little time, but (if I keep it up) will be a cool way to keep track of the things we al forget. I also added a "song of the day." It's always funny how memories are so closely intertwined with music, and I love listening to old songs to go back to a particular time in my life. 

Happy Monday! Good luck to everyone starting classes this week!

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