When I first told people that I was going to be a counselor at an art camp, the first thing some of my wonderful friends said to me was "Emma, you don't do art." Though I can't draw to save my life, I like to think that the appreciation for art is out there (but seriously, my drawings compared to the kids is pitiful). 

Lately gallery walls have been really catching my eye. Living in a dorm next year with no ability to paint the walls, I really want to do a gallery wall after my Instagram collage last year. Besides collecting more wooden signs (the addiction is growing) I have been inspired to collect more paintings to put up. In addition, Katy and I are going to create a "bar cart" for our joined singles to prevent me us from losing keys- seriously this video is our relationship because we're constantly looking for missing things..I think my life motto is "I know it's here somewhere." Overall, look for more how-to posts coming up as move in day approaches!

There are a ton of places to find inexpensive art. I have been looking a lot online for cheap frames as well (Turns out, frames are kind of expensive? Target get your act together). Some of my favorites places are Etsy and Design Darling. If you know of any other places, I'd love to know!

Happy Wednesday!
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