August Monthly Favorites

The view window from my desk looking out over the Grove, not complaining (especially compared to the dumpster last year) Also went a little crazy with the editing...
August was a bit of a crazy month. I started working at camp, then became super sick and traveled to 2 colleges and started school. Though I basically completely ignored being healthy for a solid month, it was full of a lot of great memories. Of course here were some of the things I found myself reaching for a lot.  

Essie in "Mod Square" After looking everywhere, I finally found the perfect pink that was bright and not too neon. In addition, it wasn't until I packed all my Essie polishes that I realized the addiction...

J.Crew Downing Tote This is something that I was really on the fence about for a while about getting (remember this post back in March?). I love my Longchamp, but I wanted something that was  little more profession a "journalist bag." This tote was 50% off and I had store credit so I went for it and love it. If you are on the fence about getting one, I highly recommend it (it also fits everything). 

Maddie I love this girl. There are few times people that you know you will be best friends with forever, and she is definitely one of those people. When we're together we are the two weirdest people on the planet, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Love and miss ya!

Lilly Tumbler Going along with being sick (and trying to get back into shape), I have been carrying my water cup around everywhere (I also monogrammed it- typical girl) and have noticed how much of difference it made in helping me feel better. Now I carry it out of being cheap in refusal of paying for water bottles at the Bison. 

iHome Not sure if I already put this in a monthly favorites, but it deserves praise. I basically never have to look for loose iPhone chargers again. 

Naps I probably had the worst case of a messed up body clock, so these were my survival. 

Campers I have to say, they were adorable and I miss them. One of the highlights in the cabin were when they asked who I was playing during cabin clean up (Hilary Duff). The beginning of the week they had no idea who she was and by the end of the week wanted to know all of the song titles to download when they got home. Tears.  

Mama Sheehy Seriously shoutout to this blessed woman. Though she is really my favorite person. From putting up with my shenanigans to helping me pack every time I leave the house, this woman is amazing. 

Urban Outfitters Balloons I saw these giant balloons a while ago, jumped at the chance to use it for my anniversary post and need an excuse to get them again. 

LePens The addiction is very much alive. 

Any favorites for August? I'd love to know!
Happy Wednesday! Hope you have a great day!

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