Best Videos for the "Back to School Season"

A part of the back to school excitement, I love watching my favorite YouTubers share their experiences in school (I just love YouTube in general- more personal and relatable than movies and TV). Though a lot of these videos are college related, they are still applicable if you are in high school, decorating a home office or just want to be entertained!

Sarahbelle93x I have taken a lot of notes out of her room tour. I absolutely love her style- her back to school shopping guide was reason for a lot of cute supplies shopping. {College Supplies Haul

HelloKatyxo I have absolutely no idea why I get so excited about seeing her hauls for her freshmen year at Elon, but I am (perhaps mostly excitement about going back to Bucknell myself?). {College Dorm Haul

MoreKristee I absolutely love Kristee. Hands down one of my favorite vloggers. She does a lot of daily vlogging on her college journey and she seems like the sweetest person. 

Ayydubs Alyx reminds me of the kind of friend who is always getting into insane adventures. Her "college realization" videos are hilarious (she admits to being quite messy- watch her dorm tour and you'll understand). {College videos one//two//three

KatiesBliss Though Katie graduated a few years ago, her  {Advice for Freshmen, 5 Things You Should Do in College} is awesome.

Happy Saturday!
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