Bring to School Shortlist

Though I mentioned that I wasn't going to do a full on back to school list, now that I am in the mindset of going back to Bucknell (along with everyone else posting photos of the end of summer) here are some of my most used miscellaneous items that don't get as much attention when looking into back to school shopping for dorms. Here is my list of my "less emphasized" must haves. 


Command Hooks These do get a lot of attention, but are such a necessity- if you think you have enough, you will want more. 

Plastic Laundry Basket Let's be honest- sometimes no one has time to fold their laundry. Particularly when you have twice as much clothing as usual and don't feel like folding T shirts you wear to practice. 

Full Length Mirror Most dorms (like mine) do not have them and you are going to want one for being able to get a full look before heading out (just make sure it is accurate- I had friends with mirrors that made them look 100 or 200 pounds. 

Advil The walk (and wait) to the Student Health Center is too long. You never need it until it's the middle of the night and a headache is keeping you up.

iHome I didn't have speakers last year and really regretted not having was an iHome. This works as an alarm clock, speakers and a (wireless) phone charger. I got one for the upcoming year and even though it was expensive, I'd say it was 100% worth it. 

Water Filter Fun fact about my freshmen year dorm- the water was questionably murky (thanks Harris). Since I try to avoid soda and the overpriced water bottles in the basement of my building. I highly recommend the Brita® ones. My friends had one in their dorm and we constantly used it (available at Target). 

Water Bottle One of my best tips for avoiding the freshmen 15. Carry this everywhere. 

Bulk Toiletries This is one of my top tips for college- buy all your toiletries in bulk. Of course, you will need to make some room for storage, but like Advil, you always need it when you don't have time to run to CVS and buy more shampoo. 

Happy Monday! Hope you have a wonderful start to the week!
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