Easy Ways to Stay Healthy in College

It sounds weird, but I like reflecting on past mistakes and figuring out ways to make things better. One of the biggest goals going into sophomore year was being healthier. I didn't have a horrible experience with it (fortunately I was rowing so no Freshman 15 thank god), but I definitely could have been better. After thinking about what would be realistic goals to set that could fit in my schedule and research of things that worked in the past. 

1. Water People always talk about this one, but it's completely true. Since drinking a lot of water, I noticed that I have felt less hungry and recovered from being sick much faster than the doctor said I would. 

2. Get on a different meal plan Honestly having a forced unlimited meal plan my freshman year was such a blessing and curse. I have read everywhere that losing weight is 70% diet and only 30% exercise. This was pretty shocking for someone who has always been surrounded by the "workout and you can eat what you want." I have been really cutting down on breads and sugar, regulated portion sizes and have already noticed a huge difference. 

3. The Gym This one is pretty self explanatory, but what they say about making getting into habit and routine is spot on- setting a time of day and making it a habit to schedule in becomes a part of your everyday life. 

4. Grocery shop I found a lot of time that one of the biggest reasons that didn't eat as healthy last year was because of limitations of having an unlimited Caf plan. This year sophomores can have cars on campus, so I have the easy access of being able to get groceries and pay 1/4 for strawberries than at school. 

5. The "French Rule" I read a really interesting post while ago titled "French Kids Eat Everything" which basically highlighted why the French have a better attitude toward food compared to Americans. One of the 10 differences that really stuck out to me was the discouragement of snacking and that it's ok to feel hungry between meals. 

Have a great Saturday!
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