Haul: Desk Accessories

A couple of weeks ago was the Design Darling 25% off sale and I took the opportunity for getting things for my desk. Last year, I rarely worked at my desk at school and my desk area became a dumping ground for trash. I am moving into my dorm with my roommate Katy (shout out to all my Roberts Hall residents!) on the 24th, in which I will be doing a whole post on my room this year (and bathroom! and bar cart! and extra linen closet that we found out we have that we're a little too excited about?). Here are some of the things I have gathered throughout the past few weeks: 

In order to make this more realistic, I decided to use my old desk. It's a Pottery Barn Kids desk that I got in the 90's as a little kid. I absolutely love it and wish I could take it to school with me (love you Bucknell, but the desks for school are not quite as nice). In addition, things are a lot more cluttered in this than it will be at school (hopefully).  

Reagan Cup I really wanted something to put plants in and came across this cup my parents got from a presidential anniversary ball- I really like the way it looks with my (unfortunately fake) flowers. 

Elizabeth Mayville Artwork I have written a ton of posts about how much I love watercolors. 
"Hustle" Note Pad + Monogram Cup  I came across this during the sale and fell in love. 

Container Store I came across a lot of really cool business card organizers for super cheap (I especially like the letter organizer- perfect for sorting mail). 

Homework Folders I know it seems ridiculous to buy Kate Spade folders, but in my defense a) they were actually really cheap and b) I honestly can't resist cute things, I'm sorry. 

Happy Wednesday! 

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