I Got Here Three Hours Ago! Art Camp Update #5

Woo! The return of camp updates! This week was a bit of a jumbled one, with getting to the mountain on Tuesday and not getting campers until Saturday. It's a bit odd being back here at the end of the summer in August (and I have made a ton of mistakes with mixing up Sports and Art) but the staff is awesome and my cabin is full of the most amazing ten year olds (who's age really came about when no one knew who Hilary Duff was). As with tradition, here is a "weekend update" of everything that has been going on this week on the mountain- sorry for another photo overload. 

An who said I wasn't artsy
Julia and I led a Crossfit elective- and the campers actually liked it (shout out to Maggie)

Kaity as Van Gough for our "artist of the day"
Gotta loves s'mores
On Tuesday, I packed up the car, and TR and I drove to Shrine Mont. We then decided to hike up North Mountain and I stayed over with my friend Casey and her family. Wednesday to Saturday was a mix of a lot of staff bonding and getting used to what the schedule was and on Saturday, we finally got our campers! Art camp is a bit crazy, because the ages range from 7-15 and is about twice the size (in campers and staff) to sports camp. Nonetheless, it's been so much fun so far, and I am looking forward to seeing what the rest of the week brings!

Happy Monday! Hope you have a wonderful start to the week. 

Proof the campers actually like me...here it is. 

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