Is It Tuesday? Art Camp Update #6

Well, a bittersweet final camp update for the end of summer- which by the way, when did the start of August become the "end of summer?" 

Coming into a new camp was a bit intimidating, but it ended up being so much fun. My campers were energetic but adorable and I got to see lots of amazing artwork. In addition, working with so many people from the mountain that I never got to work with before (and a lot of Sports counselors). Here are some summaries of one of the craziest weeks. 

Greg as an intern and Julia #busted

Reunited with Erin!

This week was also full of surprises. We spent the whole week hyping up Taco Tuesday only to find out that a mistake had been made with the dinning hall and we had to make a last minute change and make over 100 PB&Js- just another day in the life. We also took all of the swimmers (younger) campers on a hike, which concluded with a climb up the halfway rock and s'mores! 

My favorite art project with the swimmers
Classic all camp carnival
There were lots of discussions of marriage- and a proposal? 

Despite being sad to go home after 6 weeks (+2 of traveling) I am happy to be getting some rest. I could not have asked for a better summer on the mountain, but I am super excited to get back to school- look for a ton of back to college posts.    

 Happy Sunday! Hope you have a wonderful end to your weekend!

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