I am so sorry to have gotten so behind this week on posting, but regardless there is "daily" in the title, so a Wednesday- Friday post will be going up on Saturday.

Without making this seem like some sort of pity statement, I came out of camp dead. Actually dead. So dead that when I went to the doctors to check out the lump in my throat, she told me I might have mono and I burst into tears in the middle of her office (not one of my best moments). Turns out, like those celebrities who have to be "hospitalized for exhaustion," I actually had the past few days I have been bed ridden, which basically is my worst nightmare come true. Despite it though, it's now Saturday and I'm feeling a lot better- I don't know why this was needed to be in a post, but just wanted an update!

Happy Wednesday! Have a happy (and healthy) rest of the week!
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