Things You Need For College: 10 Clothes for Fall Semester

I think I expressed before how little I brought to college that I actually needed and that I ended up having to get a lot of stuff my first semester. In order to spare you and your mother the shock of needing a lot of things sent to you, here are my top 10 most used things for going back (especially for freshmen) for the  fall semester. 

Fall Semester

Beaded dress / Shirts top / J Crew ponte legging / Patagonia slimming shorts / Cheerleader BOW TO TOE Spirit Football Jersey Hot Pink / Tory Burch knee high leather riding boots / Hunter black rain boots, $145 / Vineyard Vines american flag tote / Tiffany Co tiffany co jewelry / J.Crew Girls' hooded downtown field jacket

1) Chino Shorts Getting back to school, I always have the idea that the leaves are going to be changing and the crisp fall air will be ready with the start of class. This will not happen. I love classic shorts for looking a bit more presentable than Nike shorts, and these are just as comfortable (no joke I own them in almost every color). 

2) Classic Button Downs 

3) A Good Tote Bag There are a lot of people with backpacks, but investing in a nice tote bag will go with any outfit (it's harder to wear a dress and a backpack into town). 

4) J.Crew Field Jacket Most likely at your school (particularly if it's preppy) everyone will own this jacket. There is good reason. It's timeless, relatively inexpensive (especially compared to a Barbour) and goes with anything. 

5) Good Riding Boots You will need these.

6) Good Rain Boots You will really need these (snow, thunderstorm, mud, monsoon). 

7) An LBD Preferably machine washable. 

8) A Couple Pieces of Nice Jewelry I noticed that in college a lot of people have their "personal jewelry" that they wear everyday. 

9) Spirit Jersey Or a school sweatshirt. As much as all those freshmen guide books tell you don't wear school sweatshirts to the library, everyone does. 

10) Pixie Pants I think I've written about these before, but if you are like the rest of the population who hates getting dressed in the morning, these are a great (and more presentable) alternative to pants. 

Happy (Taco) Tuesday! Hope you are having an awesome day!

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