UVA vs. Bucknell (An Analysis)

Over the weekend, I had the chance to visit one of my best friends from high school, Maddie at UVA. It was fun (I wish I could have been there longer), but I also couldn't help notice so many differences between the two schools and thought it would be (useful? entertaining?) to post a comparison of the two.  Here's a side by side glance and honestly there are a lot of similarities between the two- excellent academics, school spirit, D1 sports, an abundance of attractive kids in J.Crew and Vineyard Vines, orange and blue. However since a lot of kids apply to both schools, here is a comparison of the two- honestly, you really can't go wrong with either. 

Size Probably the #1 difference. I think if you are a junior or senior looking at colleges, this should probably be a top factor to consider when going to school because it makes a  huge difference. Do you want a class of 18 people where the professor knows you (and when you're there and not there) or a lecture class of 300 people with TA's and a professor who won't learn your name. It's honestly a preference, but something to look into. Go to a school with 3,000 kids and you will feel like you know everyone- some like it and others would rather be in a bigger pond. 

Public Safety Yeah, UVA kids cannot complain about this at all. I don't know if this is a Bucknell thing, but oh my god. I know how we got ranked #9 party school, but we certainly pay a price being a small campus. Public safety seems to be a non entity, with students drinking on roofs and crowding the streets. 

"Off Campus" At Bucknell, most people live on campus or really close to campus. It's pretty set. I do think that the apartment living for sophomores at UVA is quite cool, however I like the closeness of dorms. 

"Town people" Besides faculty, I pretty much don't see anyone who isn't between the ages of 17-23. Being at school in the middle of nowhere, it's funny seeing towns that are full of so many non students- I did appreciate the real shopping available besides just Market Street (though I do love you Dwellings and Retrah don't get me wrong). 

Happy Tuesday! Hope you have a great week and enjoy you last day of summer Bucknellians!
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