College Idea: Costume Box

There's a really great Kate Spade quote that reads, "dressing up starts at age 5 and never truly ends." Based on 99% of college girls (and guys) that I interact with, I can definitely support this statement. College students love to have any excuse to dress up, whether it's for mixers, Halloween or date parties (also shoutout to the boys dressed up for the Goldman Sachs recruiting day too). Because Katy and I are in different sororities (Katy is in ADPi) between the two of us, we are constantly looking around for things to wear to different Greek events. 

After spending so much time looking around for things, we came up with the idea of having a costume box of random things that we pulled together to wear to events. It's super convenient and we store it in our closet so it's out of the way. I'd highly recommend it for any college student. Here's what we put in ours (and ideas from party themes I have attended). Keep in mind the words cheap and replaceable. You do not want to wear nice things out. This list also doubles really well for camp counselors! I will also be posting some of my favorite ideas for Halloween costumes soon! 

cheap sunglasses · pinnies and jerseys · hats (that you don't mind losing) · random "dollar store" items · animal ears · small accessories · temporary tattoos, body paint and glitter · tutu · safety vest· camo shirt · America anything · crowns · onesie · overalls · wings · oversized button down · shoes that you can wear out and get destroyed · tie dye anything · fake pearls and costume jewelry · swim suits 

Happy First Day of Fall!

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