Dorm Idea: Chalk Dots

Just a quick post for your Wednesday- this week has actually been flying by! I am currently writing up a pretty lenghly Thursday Thoughts, so get ready for that (hopefully it will actually go up on Thursday). My mother keeps getting on me about how I need to post pictures of my own dorm because she has yet to see it- well sorry SUCKA looks like you'll have to wait for this weekend when you actually visit me. 

Every time I take a recruit to the bookstore somehow I end up taking something back instead of the recruit. This week it was these chalkboard stickers- I mean who can resist right? Get 'em here. Unfortunately the pen that came with them was horrible, so I had to get another one. Also, it's really hard to take pictures of stickers so my bad if they look a little rough. 
Been using one of the stickers as me and Katy's calendar- a lot of exciting things in the next moth!
Happy Wednesday!

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