Happy Birthday Jackson!

This took me an extra day to get up, but Happy Birthday to my little brother, Jackson! I can't believe that the little baby that I held 12 years ago is now in middle school- yes I am aware that I sound like a parent. 

Having siblings with big age gaps (ours is roughly eight years) is actually the best. There is less to fight about with siblings closer in age (love ya T.R., but the Jeep will always be my car) and more being able to help them out and show them cool stuff (sibling of the year award goes to me when my mother asks me to get Jackson dinner and I bribe him with McDonalds). Though I may have tried to fill out adoption papers for them at some point, having two brothers has been the most incredible gift, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. 

Sarah and Christina, I really hope that you guys see this. I think this picture is from 2004 at Lake Anna. I forgot how cute Jackson's ringlets used to be...

Happy Thursday/Birthday Jackson! I hope that you have a great day. 

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